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Deep Fried OREOs

I first fell in love with deep-fried Oreo’s on a Football Funday Sunday at The Stumble Inn bar in NYC;… Continue reading »

Simple General Tsos Chicken

I love cooking Asian inspired dishes and I have made General Tso’s before but this is a simpler recipe and… Continue reading »

Sesame Chicken

Continuing my love for Asian cuisine, last week I made sesame chicken. The cooking process for the sesame chicken is… Continue reading »

Spicy Firecracker Wontons

I’m behind on posting this recipe; Lauren and I went to New York for the Thanksgiving holiday and had so… Continue reading »

Fried Buffalo Shrimp

I really like seafood but I do not make it that often because Lauren doesn’t really like the texture of… Continue reading »

Traditional Deep Fried French Fries

We love french fries, and I have tried to make some that are on the same crispy level as fries… Continue reading »

Hot as Hell Chinese Chicken

Awhile back I made some awesome General Tso’s Chicken, and I decided I wanted to play around with the recipe… Continue reading »

General Tso’s Chicken

The Chinese restaurants around us aren’t great, so when we want any kind of Asian cuisine, we usually make it… Continue reading »

Jalapeno Popper and Onion Grilled Cheese

Everyone likes a grilled cheese, but what is fun is taking that classic sandwich and creating something completely different. I… Continue reading »

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