Best Bacon Ever

We have been on a hiatus with school and work, along with about 15 other posts, this has sat in the “drafts” and I sincerely apologize for keeping this awesome “Best Bacon Ever” technique away from you. 

At some point in the past year and a half, I was visiting my grandparents’ house with my mom and sister and we decided we wanted bacon. I was starting to get things ready when my grandmother started yelling “that’s not how you make bacon!” over and over, and my mom comes over and asks me what in the hell am I doing. 

Oven bacon

I explain to them that Duane makes the best bacon and what he does to make the best bacon ever is by cooking the bacon in the oven. This keeps the bacon from shriveling, we also like our bacon chewy (not crispy) and this cooking method also makes it easier to make the right consistency of the bacon.  

Needless to say, this bacon was a hit. My family’s life has been changed, irrevocably. 

We have some great posts for everyone, and we will post soon. We took an awesome trip to Costa Rica, I had some fun in Arizona, New York shenanigans (THANK YOU ZUMA RESTAURANT in NYC) and we are preparing for our trip to Las Vegas.

Keep checking back for more great stories and recipes! We will try not to make you wait too long!

Best Bacon Ever

  • Prep time:
  • Cook time:
  • Total time:
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Recipe type: breakfast


  • 1 package of bacon


  1. Line baking sheet with aluminum foil
  2. Place bacon on a row on the baking sheet
  3. Stick in the oven at 400 degrees- the oven is NOT preheated
  4. Cook the bacon until done. Time is determined by how thick your bacon is, we cooked ours for 21 minutes.

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