Fake News and the Repercussions plus a recipe at the end

Okay, time to make a point. This is yes, a foodie website, but there is something that I think is important to get out there… and that is Fake News. It is everywhere. It is the cause of so many problems going on in the world today. People believe anything… anything that they want to believe, whether it is good or bad. Over the election everyday on social media someone would post a ridiculous “article” from sites like “The Onion” or other sites with the disclaimer at the bottom that the article is farce. No one double checks their sources. I do not know why. I am not sure why people find the need to spread news that they have no clue to where it came from. Now, I am a librarian and it is my job to make sure people receive the right information, so this peeve of mine may not be one of yours. 

So in my spare time (what the hell is spare time?) I have compiled a list of peer-reviewed and published journal articles from trusted sources that all have a list of more resources and anecdotes of where they found the information.

This is a long PDF, but if you, like me, become aggravated with the spread of fake news, take the time to read and share!

Fake News 

(to get access to my findings, click on ‘fake news’ and then click the link that appears)


Here is a link to a tasty recipe of ours perfect for Sunday Game Time: 

Slow Cooker Sweet Chili Wings


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